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  Cozumel news An overview of recent news from local Mexican websites and newspapers.

News about the environment and Trump's alleged development, new flights from London, promoting Cozumel in the US and hotel occupancy rates.

20 April 07: The hotel sector in Cozumel is having a good month and hopes figures to show a 70 per cent occupancy rate for April and May. Reported by Por Esto!

19 April 07: Cozumel will be promoted in the US - for the second year running - in a series of seminars for travel professionals. Reported by Noticaribe.

19 April 07: Donald Trump's alleged project in Cozumel would break various Mexican laws and go against a series of international environmental treaties and agreements signed by Mexico. Reported by Por Esto!

17 April 07: Although local authorities know about Donald Trump's alleged new development, SEMARNET, the Mexican Federal Environment Agency, has yet to be officially informed. Reported by Noticaribe.

11 April 07: Starting from May 11, 2007, a new direct flight will operate fortnightly between Cozumel and London in the United Kingdom. Reported by Noticaribe.