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El Cedral Festival
Traditional bullfights.
  Thousands of locals and visitors to the island have been enjoying the historic Festival of El Cedral, that began on Thursday in the south of Cozumel.

Celebrated every year, the event includes fairs, traditional feasts, rodeos, bullfights, music and competitions.

The festivities were officially opened by the Mayor of Cozumel, Gustavo Ortega Joaquín, at a ceremony that saw the island's new Traditional Orchestra perform in public for the first time. The musicians played a variety of local music including jaranas and trovas.

Attendees enjoyed a feast of typical island food including empanadas, panuchos, tacos, cotzitos and salpicón de res.

The inauguration also saw colorful performances from local folk dance groups and comical plays representing pictures of local life.

Cozumel El Cedral
Colorful folk dancing.

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