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Imagine being able to visit the whole of Mexico, discovering its rich history, amazing art and colorful cultures.

Imagine seeing it all in 90 minutes...

The new Discover Mexico attraction on the road south of town in Cozumel let's you do just that. Visitors first experience a visually spectacular short film of Mexico in a 4 screen mini-cinema.
Art in Cozumel
Colorful Mexican art.

Next you get to see a fantastic array of art from across the Mexican Republic.

From intricately painted chests and a Virgin Mary made of sand to trees of life and a cockerel made of chilli, guides are also available to explain what you see and answer questions.

Discover Mexico Cozumel
Scale models of Mayan wonders.
  After the art displays the tour takes you outside to the scale models of Mexican ruins and architecture, through 3 phases in the country's history.

Fool friends by taking photos of incredibly realistic sites around Mexico and telling them you were there!

At the end of the visit you exit through a well stocked gift shop. On offer are pieces of art in the style you saw earlier and a wide range of other original and unusual gifts from around Mexico.

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