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  Cozumel news An overview of recent news from local Mexican websites and newspapers.

News about the International Pier, fishing competition, the new island highway, Donald Trump 'mega-development', Microsoft-magnates cave diving, a new car ferry pier and the Mexican President on vacation in Cozumel.

10 February 07: Following repairs, the International (SSA) Pier is expected to be ready to dock two cruise ships again by the end of the month. Reported by Por Esto!.

9 February 07: The World Sea Fishing Championship may be hosted locally in 2009. Reported by Por Esto!.

3 February 07: Already, 30km (19 miles) of the new highway around the perimeter of the island have been completed. Reported by Por Esto!.

18 January 07: A 'mega-development' with thousands of hotel rooms, condos and a golf course has been proposed by local authorities to US real estate tycoon, Donald Trump. The controversial project is proposed on land until now protected for environmental reasons. Reported by Por Esto!.

7 January 07: Microsoft magnates Bill Gates and Paul Allen have been cave diving in the region's famous cenotes - underground water systems - whilst on vacation in Cozumel and the Riviera Maya. Reported by Por Esto!.

4 January 07: A new vehicle ferry pier and freight center are proposed for Cozumel. Reported by Por Esto!.

3 January 07: Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, the new President of Mexico, spent his New Year vacation in Cozumel with his family. Reported by Por Esto!.