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With millions of cruise passengers visiting the island every year, many visitors first experience Cozumel on a quick port call but then want to come back for more.

Staying on the island is a very different experience from visiting for a day on a cruise ship. Whether it's a long weekend or a full-blown two week vacation, you'll have much more time to get to know the island. You can venture out to the "real" Cozumel and not just see the most commercial parts around the cruise terminals and along shore excursion routes.

There's a great range of Cozumel resorts and hotels to stay at, and you'll have the chance to spend some time getting to know the locals and seeing the wonderful sights. This is especially true if you stay close to downtown or rent a car so you have easy access.

If you really catch the island bug and plan on making frequent visits, there are plenty of Cozumel timeshare resort options to choose from, all of which are either close to downtown or directly on the beach. When you purchase a Cozumel vacation ownership property from online companies such asĀ you'll gain annual access to these great resorts for less. You also have the option of renting a Cozumel timeshare, sometimes for as low as $64 a night, this will give you some extra dollars in your pocket to spend on margaritas by the beach!

Cozumel timeshares suites and villas are the highest end accommodation options within resorts like Occidental Grand Cozumel and Wyndham El Cid La Ceiba. Inside, you'll find an array of comforts from full kitchens to private balconies. Plus, these resorts boast nightly entertainment, restaurants with bars, and beachfront access right on-site. If you wish to venture off resort grounds, and you should, the resort concierge services can help you book unique, less common Cozumel activities, off the beaten path.

Though there are tons of places to stay in Cozumel, timeshare resorts are one of the best options. You'll not only gain access to luxurious amenities for less, but you'll also gain the ability to easily, and safely venture out through resort services. So, if you're coming to stay on Cozumel for longer than a day, be sure to research these unique villas and suites.