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Take out a free property listing in our MLS service or pay to be a featured property for extra visibility.

Featured Properties

For $25 per month you can feature your property for sale with up to 200 words of text and 10 photos. Your own contact details can be included so you'll receive enquiries from buyers directly.

Design work is included and the ads can be updated whenever necessary. Listings by owners and agent/brokers welcome.

Your listing will appear prominently in the Cozumel real estate section and on the homepage as a 'Hot Property'.

If you wish, a copy of your listing can be added for free to our MLS service as well.

Price: $25 per month. Minimum 6 months.

Free MLS Listings

Have a free listing for your Cozumel property in our MLS service.

If you need more information please contact us or take a look at our visitor statistics.

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