Lose yourself for hours amongst Cozumel's many fantastic shops.

Buy souvenirs for you, your family and friends. From pottery, jewelry, carvings and art, to silver, clothes and artesania.

You'll find Visa and MasterCard widely accepted, as well as US Dollars cash, making it easier than ever to snap up that vacation bargain.

This is Cozumel

Cozumel Market

A great way to get to know a place and its people is by visiting the local market, and the same is true in Cozumel.

The island's Municipal Market - or Mercado Municipal - is not big and the architecture is nothing special, but the produce on sale and the smiles of the vendors are well worth a look.

This is Cozumel

Mexican Musical Store

Intriguing store with traditional instruments and Mexican music on CDs, as well as other musical paraphernalia.

Location: Av 30 between 8 and 10.

This is Cozumel

Los Cinco Soles

Mexican hand made pottery, jewelry, carvings, art, silver, clothes and other artesania.

Location: Avenida Melgar (Seafront) between Calles 8 and 10.

This is Cozumel


100% Mexican cotton clothes. D'Beatriz, Takasami and Cuco Mexico brands.

Location: Avenida Melgar (Seafront) between Calles 7 and 11.

Telephone/fax: 878-4490.

Open: Mon-Sat, 9am-9pm.

This is Cozumel

Dori Drugstore

Medicine, crutches, wheelchairs and other orthopedic devices.

Locations: Calle 7 between Avenida Melgar (Seafront) and Avenida 5; Calle 2 between Avenida Melgar (Seafront) and Avenida 5; or Calle Rosada Salas between Avenidas 15 and 20.

Telephone: 872-0559, 872-5518, 872-1439 or 872-0906.

Open: 7am - 12 midnight.

This is Cozumel

Tanya Moss Design Jewelry

Jewelry with a fresh and innovative design that combines the roots of rich Mexican artistic heritage with the sophistication and versatility of Tanya Moss' own design ideas.

Location: Punta Langosta, Avenida Melgar (Seafront). Telephone. 869-1612.

Or: Avenida Melgar (Seafront) between Calle 2 and 4. Telephone. 872-2143.

Open: Mon-Sat, 9am - 9pm.

This is Cozumel

Pottery and Ceramics Store

A local Aladdin's Cave of Mexican handcrafted pottery and ceramics, the colorful merchandise spills onto the street.

Location: Calle 1 between Avenida 20 and 25.

This is Cozumel

Chedraui Superstore

The island's largest superstore. A Wal-Mart style affair with food and other goods at low prices.

Location: Avenida Melgar (Seafront) on the corner with Calle 15.

This is Cozumel

Zermatt Bakery

Zermatt bakery - fresh bread and pastries daily. Fresh coffee. Room to sit or take away. Open early.

Location: Avenida 5 on the corner with Calle 4.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 7am-9pm. Sun, 8am-9pm.

Telephone: 872 1384.