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Changes to official international guidelines for the Spanish language mean foreigners may now find it a little easier to learn.

The new standards, which include shortening the Spanish alphabet by 2 letters, were recently approved by Spain's Royal Academy and 21 other language academies from the Spanish-speaking world.

Previously, "ch" and "ll" - pronounced roughly as "che" and "eh-yay" - were considered separate letters in the Spanish alphabet, but now they have been removed.

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If you have a quirky photo with a Cozumel twist, you could win 2 free Playa Uvas Cozumel beach passes in our new competition.

Whether it's a funny snap you took on the island, a humorous image of you getting ready for your Cozumel vacation, or another silly pic that's somehow related to the island, enter it now for your chance to win!


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Enjoy some of the Caribbean's best fishing on one of our new Cozumel fishing trips.

Climb aboard the 28 foot (8.5m) Golondrina offering 5 lines, room for up to 6 people and half-day or full-day charters.

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Cozumel calendar
Free calendars for 2011.

Have a reminder of Cozumel with you all year round with one of these free Cozumel Calendars for 2011.

Two versions are available, one with fantastic underwater images and the other with a mixture of beautiful photos from above and below the water.

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We'd like to send sunny Cozumel greetings to all our readers this holiday season!

If you're coming to the island soon with friends or family and are still looking for their festive gifts, how about surprising them with a gift voucher for Cozumel tours?


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