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  Apr 30, 2017.    

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Duende Tours, Adventure Travel

Duende Tours is a small team of enthusiastic people who love adventure travel. Coming from different countries, they started exploring the jungles of the Mundo Maya over 7 years ago.

Using bicycles and canoes they have been able to venture deeper into the jungle. This way they can reach beautiful, sometimes very remote ancient Mayan sites.

Often built close to rivers, lakes or other sources of water, Duende's aim is to make those remote sites and adventures accessible for active people that enjoy nature, fun and new experiences. Share this magical world with Duende on one of their jungle tours.

After a few nights of pure air and mystical encounters with the jungle’s intense sights, smells and noises you will relax and start seeing life in a more positive way.

Duende want to share with you a more traditional, everlasting lifestyle, in which nature is our teacher and we learn new things daily.

Email: tours [at]

Mexican cell phones: +521 978 118 2638 / +521 987 876 0613

Whatsapp: +521 978 100 8848

Website: Adventure travel at

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