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  Mar 23, 2017.    

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Insider's Dive

This is the first in what will be a series of articles with tips from experienced professionals and recreational divers in Cozumel.

In this report, Titi Possenti, a freelance instructor working in Cozumel, tells us why Palancar Ladrillos is one of her favourite dives at the moment.
Scubda dive in Cozumel.
Underwater marvels (Nacho Gil).

"It's very difficult to pick a favourite dive", says Titi, "there are so many good choices". But when pushed, Titi admits that Palancar Ladrillos - a drift dive along a coral wall in the south of Cozumel - is a recent favourite.

"There is a lot of colour on this dive, at around 80 feet the vegetation and coral is beautiful".

Cozumel diving (Randy Hodge).
Moray eel (Randy Hodge).
  The other big plus, adds Titi, is that there is always plenty of life.

She says that "90 per cent of the time" divers can see turtles, eagle and sting rays, green Moray eels or even puffer fish.

And if that still isn't enough, there are swim-throughs along the length of the wall, which can make for interesting exploring if you are careful and dive responsibly.

A typical multi-level dive at Palancar Ladrillos might spend 10 minutes at 70 feet, 18 minutes at 50 feet and 22 minutes at 40 feet. Minimum certification: PADI Openwater or equivalent.

Special thanks to Nacho Gil and Randy Hodge for use of the photos.

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